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What is this thing?


With so many UX-related events around, it felt time to put some focus back on the visual side of design. Whatever you may call it - UI design, graphic design, digital design - there's a lot to talk about, so let's talk about it

This meetup is local and free, and looks to help designers of every persuasion show their work, share their methods, learn new practices and make new contacts.

Any questions? Tweet @aizlewood.

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Summer, 2017

Rich Rutter

Richard Rutter

Web Type Evangelist

Typography is at the heart of so many things design.

In this 30 minute talk, Rich will introduce the newest (and potentially biggest) shift in web type, variable fonts.

As a self-appointed web typography evangelist, Richard is chief organiser of Clearleft’s Ampersand web typography conferences. He successfully Kickstarted a web typography book, due to be self-published in 2017.

Rich Rutter // Clearleft

Is it you?

Still looking!

Is it you?

Always on the lookout for new speakers, if you feel you've got a great talk about design and want to share it, get in touch with Jon @aizlewood.

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  • What is it?

    F+F is a Brighton-based meet-up for local designers to meet, critique, learn and discuss all things related to visual, UI, app and graphic design.

  • How is it structured?

    Each event will start with beer and mingling, followed by two 30 minute talks, concluded with pizza and more beer and more mingling.

  • Who runs it?

    F+F is MC'd by Jon Aizlewood, Visual Designer at UX agency Clearleft. He'll be introducing speakers and curating topics for each meetup.

  • I'm interested in speaking. What do I do?

    F+F is a free event, so speakers are volunteering their time to practice their talks, extend their message, or just rant about something they want off their chest. Get in touch with Jon for more information.

  • Why does this thing exist?

    Design feels underserved in the community. There are a load of UX events, and devs have their fair share, but oddly, visual design feels left out.

  • Sounds good. What next?

    Stay tuned to the twitter account, website and your inbox for news and updates. We'll be announcing our first event soon.

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